Paddle Hairbrushes for Women + Men by Beyer-Imports

Paddle Hairbrushes -

The Wooden Paddle Hairbrushes w/ Strong Boar Bristles (100% Boar, no Synthetic Bristles, first cut) CLASSIC STYLE, oval shaped in Beech or Pear wood are the best Hairbrushes for Healthy Hair and the ideal Brush for your Daily Hair Care!

Brushing the Hair w/ Pure Boar Bristle Hairbrushes will activate the Blood Circulation in the scalp. Immediately you will feel better and the day's Stress will disappear. - The Hairbrush also cleans the Hair from Hairspray and Dust.

DESIGN NOSTALGIC - the Paddle Hairbrush w/ anti-static Nylon Bristles - Knobs, black Air Cushion for long and thick Hair is budget-priced.