Paddle Hairbrush, narrow shaped w/ Pure Boar Bristles (100% Boar), Pear wood #030-LN



The Paddle Boar Bristle Hairbrush, narrow is the best smoothing Brush, works well to style your Hair and is also a good Hairbrush for your Daily Hair Care. The Paddle Hairbrush is made from Hard wood, light color - An Authentic German Product.

  • Narrow shaped Hairbrush - 8 Rows of strong Boar Bristles (100% Boar, no Synthetic Bristles, first cut) for Women and Men
  • Made from Pear wood, light color - CLASSIC STYLE, no Air Cushion
  • Length of Hairbrush is 9 inches - rectangle shaped
  • Boar Bristles are in uneven length, so that the brush does not slip out off the hair.
How to Use

The narrow Paddle Hairbrush with Pure Boar Bristles for your Daily Hair Care - ideal for longer or curly Hair.
The Brush works well to straighten or style Hair.
Gentlemen like the narrow Hairbrush w/ strong Boar Bristles for their Daily Hair Care!

Shipping Details

Domestic Shipping: USPS - First Class Mail = $4.95 USPS, Priority Mail = $8.50 / To Canada: USPS - First Class Air Mail = $10.05 / To Australia: USPS - First Class Air Mail,  1 = $14.90, 2-3 = $23.90