Boar Bristle Hair Brushes

From BEYER-IMPORTS, llc. - Our Hairbrushes are made in Germany with high Quality Pure Boar Bristles (100% Boar Bristles - no Synthetic Bristles).

Boar Bristle Hair Brushes - best Hairbrushes for Healthy Hair, made in Germany

Our Hairbrushes are affordably priced, made in high Quality with Pure Boar Bristles (100% Boar Bristles - no Synthetic Bristles) in different Hair Brush Types, made in Hard wood - 
Pear wood, Beech wood and exquisite Olive wood from Spain.

Our different Hair Brush Types:

Paddle Hairbrushes for Women and Men for the Daily Hair Care -

Mini Paddle Brushes for your Purse or Traveling Bag - 

Men's Pocket Boar Hair Brushes -

Men's Hair Brush for lighter Hair -

Unique Gold-Plated Metal Tube Styling Brushes for Casual Hair Styles -

Round Boar Bristle Hair Styling Brushes -

Baby Hair Brushes with Natural Bristles -

Every Hairbrush is hygienically packed in Clear Bags.