Men's Boar Bristle Brush w/ Softer Bristles (100% Boar), Beech wood dark #093-soft



Men's Hairbrush with Softer Boar Bristles (second cut of bristles) for lighter Hair, Beech wood - dark.

  • Softer Boar Bristle Brush for Men (also good for Women)
  • 10 rows of Boar Bristles, medium - second cut (100% Boar, no Synthetic Bristles)
  • Length is 9 inches, Hairbrush w/ handle
  • Boar Bristles are in uneven length, so that the brush does not slip out off the hair.
How to Use

The Men's Hairbrush is designed for lighter Hair (CLASSIC STYLE, no Air Cushion).
The Softer Boar Bristles are gentle on your Scalp. The wooden Hairbrush has a handle (Paddle Hairbrush), can be used by Women and Men.

Shipping Details

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