Mini Paddle Hairbrush w/  Metal Bristles, hand-applied Knobs - exquisite Olive wood #064-M



The Mini Paddle Brush has the right size for your Purse or Traveling Bag.The Mini Hairbrush can be used by Women and Men.

  • 7 Rows of anti-static Metal Bristles with hand-applied Knobs
  • Length is 7 inches, oval shaped with black Air Cushion
  • Made in exquisite Olive wood, light color - a wonderful pattern
  • The Mini Hairbrush is ideal for thick and curly Hair.
How to Use

The Mini Paddle Hairbrush w/ Metal Bristles is excellent for curly, thick or to untangle Hair. - The Hairbrush does not generate Static in your Hair, the Metal Bristles have hand-applied Knobs (they don't come off) and an exquisite Olive wood has been used for the Mini Paddle Hairbrush.

Shipping Details

Domestic Shipping: USPS - First Class Mail = $4.95 USPS, Priority Mail = $8.50 / To Canada: USPS - First Class Air Mail = $10.05 / To Australia: USPS - First Class Air Mail, 1 = $14.90, 2-3 = $23.90