Baby Hair Brush, large w/ Goat Hair Bristles, Pear wood #210-GL



The Baby Hair Brush, large is also ideal for Cancer Patients and for very light Hair.

  • Super Soft Goat Hair Bristles (100% Goat Hair, no Synthetic Bristles)
  • Manufactured in Pear wood, light color
  • Length is 7-1/4 inches, size - large
  • 7 rows of Goat Hair Bristles, washable
How to Use

The large Goat Hair Bristle Brush in Pear Wood has the right size for Babies one Year and older, also can be used as Hairbrush for elder People with very thin Hair.

Shipping Details

Domestic Shipping: USPS - First Class Mail = $4.95, USPS - Priority Mail = $8.50 / To Canada: USPS - First Class Air Mail = $10.05 / To Australia: USPS - First Class Air Mail, 1 = $14.90, 2-3 = $23.90