Gold-Plated Styling Brush, medium w/ antistatic Nylon Bristles #110-GM
Group of Gold-Plated Styling Brushes w/ anti-static Nylon or Pure Boar Bristles

Gold-Plated Styling Brush, medium w/ antistatic Nylon Bristles #110-GM

Beyer-Imports, LLC

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The Gold-Plated Styling Brush, medium - for shoulder long Hair. The exclusive Styling Brush (wooden body) is easy to use!

  • Unique Gold-Plated Metal Tube Hair Styling Brush  w/ anti-static Nylon Bristles and hand-applied Knobs, size - medium
  • Brush Length is 9-1/2 inches, Diameter is 2 inches
  • Angled rows of bristles for easy rolling in and out off the hair.
  • The best Hairbrush for fast and easy Hair Styling, it works well for casual Hair Styles.

How to Use

The unique Gold Plated Metal Tube Hair Styling Brush for medium long Hair - You will love it! No more bad Hair Days!

If you would like that your Hair looks fuller - use a good Styling Lotion and the Gold-Plated Hair Styling Brush together with a Hair Blower. The Styling Brush will give your Hair a fuller Look!
With anti-static Nylon Bristles, hand-applied Knobs (they don't come off), the Bristles don’t generate Static in your Hair! The Gold-Plated Hair Styling Brush is an exclusive Tool for Healthy Hair!

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