Hair Styling Brushes

Every Hair Styling Brush is selected in First Grade Quality, hygienically packed in Clear Bags and made in Germany.

Hair Styling Brushes for fine or oily Hair:

For Fine Hair:
A person, who complains her or his hair has no body, the problem in most cases - the hair is fine.
The diameter of the individual hair shaft is small. But fine hair actually tends to be thicker - with a greater number of hair shafts per square inch. Because fine hair doesn't have the weight of coarse hair, it may feel thinner overall.

Use a good Hair Shampoo (the best is a ph5 - shampoo) and a Gold-Plated Metal Tube Styling Brush. Your Hair will look fuller, healthier without spending additional money!

For Oily Hair:
Shampoo your hair daily to remove excess oil.

If your hair is oily, it is heavy. The hair lies down, sticks together and then it looks thin. After shampooing, the hair shafts will stand away from other hair shafts, your hair appears fuller.

Use a Hair Styling Brush together with a blow dryer, your hair will look even fuller and more natural.