Soft Baby Hair Brushes

Baby Hair Brushes with Soft Natural Bristles (100% Boar, no Synthetic Bristles) made from man-made Material, two different colors - white and peppermint. The Baby Hair Brushes are washable and don't break.

A wonderful Hairbrush for your Grandchild, or a Gift for a Baby Shower!

Goat Hair Bristle Brushes for Babies in Beech or Pear wood light color with Super Soft Goat Hair Bristles for an Infant, an elder Person or a Cancer Patient available in two sizes - Small and Large, Bristles are washable.

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Baby Hair Brush w/ Soft Natural Bristles, white or peppermint #001-WP
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Baby Hair Brush, small w/ Pure Goat Hair Bristles, Beech wood #201-GS
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Baby Hair Brush, large w/ Goat Hair Bristles, Pear wood #210-GL
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