Boar Bristle Paddle Hairbrush, oval Pear wood light-color #030-L



The Paddle Hairbrush w/ Pure Boar Bristles is ideal for your Daily Hair Care and for Healthy Hair. The Paddle Hairbrush is made for Women and Men. - Our Hairbrushes are authentic German Products.

  • 10 Rows of Pure Boar Bristles (100% Boar, no Synthetic Bristles, first cut), Beyer Special Edition
  • Made from Pear wood, light color - CLASSIC STYLE, no Air Cushion
  • Length of Hairbrush is 9 inches, oval shaped
  • Boar Bristles are in uneven length, so that the brush does not slip out off the hair.
How to Use

Brush your Hair with a good Boar Bristle Hair Brush Daily! It activates the Blood Circulation and the Oil Glands in your Scalp; it will improve the Texture of your Hair! You can manage your Hair better!
Also you can use a Paddle Hairbrush to straighten your Hair - a Hairbrush for Women or Men.

Shipping Details

Domestic Shipping: USPS - First Class Mail = $4.95 USPS, Priority Mail = $7.95 / To Canada: USPS - First Class Air Mail = $10.05 / To Australia: USPS - First Class Air Mail = $14.25